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Ah, the bottle cap: that prize trophy for polishing off a cold one. But what the hell can we do with it but throw it away?

Every beer drinker -- serious or otherwise -- has at one point kept the caps from his or her conquests, filling buckets just to watch the level rise. Sure, sometimes they get used in ambitious construction or craft projects, but why bother? The bottle cap bar top has been done and done again. And the bottle cap floor in your local dive looks great, but it’s impossible to clean.

We knew there had to be better ways to put those caps to use, and after spending a few days exploring Pinterest, it turns out we were right. So we collected our favorites below, from which you can draw your own inspiration.

Here are 15 bottlecap projects you can undertake with a little bit of elbow grease.

Up Your Cornhole Game

Cornhole is one of the great outdoor activities for beer lovers, so why not show off your favorite beers while you play? Like the classic resin-pour bar top design, this project requires a lot of caps, but allows you the option to get creative with designs and personalize your set with team colors etc. The only limit is your imagination.
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Set the Mood for Romance

Some of the best ways to use your bottlecaps involves making them functional -- not just pretty to look at. With these custom-made votive candles, the caps are actually the function behind the form. They’re relatively easy to make with some paraffin wax, a stovetop, and a free morning. By the time the sun sets you’ll be ready to set the mood.

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Show Off Your Patriotism

We like a simple framed flag, but feel free to get rustic with a reclaimed wood background, or creative with less obvious cap choices. If you’re feeling super creative, try and add a ripple pattern to simulate a waving flag.

Go Fishin’

A shiny piece of colorful metal isn’t only eye-catching to humans: Fish might not be huge fans of your favorite brew, but the leftover cap will catch their eye on your lure. Even better: with the right set of pliers, you can do this day-of on the fishing boat with whatever’s in your cooler.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Beer bottlecap Christmas ornaments might not be “tasteful” enough for your indoor trees, but if you’re looking to deck the bushes and add something extra to the outside decorations, these might work for you. They’re cheap to make, weather resistant, and will let your holiday party guests know that the booze will flow freely within.

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Add Character to Outdoor Accessories

Some deck accessories might improve an evening of hanging out on a deck and drinking beers, but they often lack aesthetics. Take those cheap outdoor torches and candle tins and dress them up with some bottle caps. They’ll add color to a space where there’s already enough wood to look at. Oh, and this works well indoors, too.

Welcome Someone to the Neighborhood

Any beer-loving friend will appreciate a gift of a six pack when they’re unpacking their new home. But if you want to really be their pal, collect caps from a few weekends of drinking and make them a personalized bottle cap wreath. Black wreath bases are cheap and your caps won’t cost much, but more importantly, your friend will surely appreciate this addition to their new home.

Ante Up

Find a solid hammer and an afternoon free at a workbench, and you’ll never need to buy poker chips again. We love these chips because they’re a unique way to bring some personality into your own poker set. We’d just caution you to keep an eye on your friends -- you don’t want them drinking their way to a chip advantage.

Put a Bird In It!

Here’s a surprising use for spare beer caps: roof tiles for a tiny tree home. You’ll need a few other supplies for this bird house project, but we assume you can get your hands on a few corks somewhere. Either buy some cork-secured beers or hit up your friend’s wine club. Maybe they’ll offer a craft supply exchange.

credits:"[Tammy VanBaale / Pinterest](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/365987907205191224/)" width:250 align:right

Flowers, But Not for Algernon

Know what dies after a few weeks? Flowers. Know what doesn’t die after a few weeks? Flowers made out of bottle caps. No, this might not be the right gesture for every occasion, but if your significant other has a favorite brewery -- or your just want to welcome them into your beer-obsessed lifestyle -- a bouquet of these might be well received.

Take it to the House

Of course if you’re really looking to use your caps for housing, there’s an ultimate project. This particular one was done with plastic caps, but that just means that (as far as we’ve found) no one’s done it yet with beer caps. You could be the first!

Decorate The Walls With Style

Okay, covering an entire bar top or an entire floor might be excessive even for the biggest beer lover, but a few choice accents on the walls can add personality to a room while reflecting your hobby. And we promise it won’t even look tacky. Consider this simple rectangular project, with abstract designs and a rustic lodge look. It might as well be HGTV approved.

credits:"[Amy Schoen / Pinterest](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/186055028338801499/)" width:250 align:right

Doodle With Caps

We’ve given you quite a few projects to play with, but if you just want to mess around with color and design, go wild on your own. This simple palm tree shows that designs don’t have to be intricate (nor do they have hundreds of caps) in order to look cool. Look around for your own inspiration.

Show Off Your Nerdy Side

One of the most time-consuming projects can also be one of the most impressive: building a mosaic. We like this dot matrix-style design because of the variety of caps it uses. You might want to go with something from your own favorite film; there are mosaic generators that can help show you which caps to use where in the design.

Have a Seat

Okay, so maybe you do want to accessorize your home bar with all those spare caps. Fine. We understand the allure of a big project. But consider a different option: the seats. Why not put a resin and cap seat on your barstools instead of tediously tiling the whole bar top? It looks just as cool, and the stools will last much longer without needing a new coat.