As a former full-time touring comedian, I spent eight years in all 50 states of this fair country, stopping into hundreds of breweries and brewpubs during the day, and celebrating jobs well done with pints by night (...or, sulking over sad hotel-room growlers when shows were less than awesome). Now, as a full-time beer writer, I spend even more time drinking on the road (much to the chagrin of my equally weary wife and liver).

Throughout the years I’ve observed the massive shift in the marketplace: from a monochrome array of limited options, to an explosive availability of craft selections, eventually leading to a wide schism between “craft” and “macro.” Now, given the growth and merging of so many breweries big and small, and the naturally collaborative, collegial nature of all brewers, we seem to be living in a post-craft world: great beer is great beer. And I believe we should celebrate all of it.

Of course, when I was approached by Anheuser-Busch’s fairly new division, The High End, about working on this new publication that promised to celebrate all beer, I had the same concerns any beer fan would. Sure, I’ve been a Budweiser drinker my entire life (shoutout to Grandpa for making the intro), with love to go around for plenty of Anheuser-Busch products -- but as a professional writer, I’m naturally protective of my journalistic independence. And as a beer writer, specifically, I’m going to be even more cautious when the brand behind the publication is a brewery.

But from my very first meeting with the folks at The High End, I was not only relieved -- I was excited. And when I discovered that they would be partnering with Wasted Talent -- an independent, global media & publishing house that owns Mixmag, Kerrang!, and The Face -- I realized that the potential here was greater than I could have ever imagined. Like Voltron aligned, we’ve come together to create something much bigger than all of us.

The Beer Necessities is a brand new digital media platform that will focus on beer culture, education, and tasting, with a special emphasis on all of the people, passions, and products that make the beer world go 'round. Our mission is to educate and inspire consumers with all things beer, featuring breweries of all shapes and sizes. As it’s super important to me (and all of the peeps behind the project) that we support the beer industry as a whole, we’ll be collaborating with contributors from a wide array of brands, as well as respected independent journalists who cover both AB and non-AB brands. We recognize that what’s good for any brewery is good for beer.

This will be an opportunity to explore all of the stories that my independent colleagues and I have wanted to for years. It’s a chance to dig deeper into beer -- and the people and places that produce it -- without excluding or talking down to drinkers. There will be plenty for geeks to dig their teeth into. But even if you don’t know the difference between a gueuze and a gose, you’ll still find lots to enjoy in every piece of content on the site.

I am incredibly excited to share this with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Ethan Fixell

Editor-in-Chief, The Beer Necessities

credits:"Deborah Lewis"

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