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With summer around the corner, memories of shoveling snow have now faded into the distant past; you’ve probably stuffed your winter clothes into a box and started spending more time appreciating the great outdoors.

Well, that’s too bad -- because there’s been some seriously fascinating beer news blowing up your phone! From four-mile long beer pipelines, to citrusy IPAs perfect for the warmer weather, below are the stories that some of our favorite sites have written about our favorite beverage in the past month.

Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch Milk Stout Is Real

HopCulture reported on Black Bottle Brewery’s newest release in its line of breakfast cereal beers: Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch Milk Stout. The brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, had previously whipped up wicked Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Count Chocula beers. Apparently this one was made with 35 pounds of cereal -- or basically, the size of the bowl you used to pour yourself every Saturday morning as a kid.

Beer Made From (Ugh, This Is Gonna Be Gross) Urine

This month, Thrillist reported that a brave, inventive Copenhagen, Denmark brewery brewed 60,000 bottles of beer by using malted barley fertilized with urine, collected during the Roskilde Music Festival in 2015. Don’t worry, the brewery says it doesn’t even taste a little bit like pee. Whew! Otherwise that’d mean 60,000 bottles of beer down the drain. It’s the ciiiiircle of life!

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The World’s Coolest Beer Hotels

While we were busy dreaming up what we’d want to see in a beer hotel, the good folks at Travel + Leisure were actually finding real ones that existed around the world. Among their favorites were the Dogfish Inn in Lewes, Delaware, and far-flung boutiques in Scotland, the Czech Republic, and (duh) Belgium.

How the East Coast Won the IPA War

Our beloved Aaron Goldfarb (who wrote this hilarious story on craft beer romance novels) took a look at how East Coast IPAs, in all of their hazy, juicy goodness, surpassed West Coast IPAs in popularity. His Punch piece also tells the crazy tale of how Stowe, Vermont’s The Alchemist picked itself up from total destruction in the wake of Hurricane Irene to produce Heady Topper, a double IPA that is now considered -- by many accounts -- the best in the country.

Germany Music Festival Builds Four-Mile Beer Pipeline

Deutschland drinks a ton of beer. That, you knew. But did you also know that at this one metal music festival in Wacken, fans drink a gallon of beer each weekend? And because they’ve got to stock the fest with plenty of brews (including Kolsch, we’re guessing), Food & Wine reports that festival organizers are building a four-mile beer pipeline so that they don’t have to transport a ton of kegs through the infield of the show. Prost!

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Citrus IPAs Take Center Stage

There’s nothing like the taste of a ripe orange in the summer. But because oranges don’t provide a buzz (lame!), citrus-tinged IPAs are an even better refresher in the summer. The drink-obsessed staff at imbibe has five suggestions for you to keep in mind when you head to the beer shop, including selections from Green Flash Brewing Co., 21st Amendment Brewery, and Ballast Point Brewing Co.

The Best Seats in Beer Right Now

Man cannot subsist on water, hops, barley, and yeast alone -- he also has to eat stuff. The beer lovin’ peeps at Draft know this, and have put together a shortlist of four new/revamped restaurants with a serious dedication to beer, including picks in New Orleans, Seattle, the Twin Cities, and Philadelphia (where Cinder, the wood-fired pizza joint with 32 taps of Belgian and American wild ales, gets a nod).

Wicked Weed Acquired by Anheuser-Busch

Porch Drinking reports on the Asheville, North Carolina sour beer experts joining AB’s The High End, which also owns this site. The brewery makes everything from a French Toast imperial stout to the hoppy Pernicious IPA, and a whole lot in between.

New Belgium Brewmaster Leaving the Brewery

The beer news junkies at Beer Street Journal report on the news that the man who brought us the La Folie series of sours in ‘99 is leaving to join a new brewery. While we’re excited about what he’ll do at his new venture, we should also tip our cap to the man who had a hand in brewing some of our favorite beers of all time.

7 Low ABV Beers Perfect for Day-Drinking

Session beers are essential in the spring and summertime (i.e. drinking one triple IPA and taking a four-hour nap on a beach chair all day isn’t a great look). The breakfast food nerds at Extra Crispy know this, and have recommended a couple of beers you can crush in multiples and still be productive during the day. Their picks include Evil Twin Bikini Beer and the lemony deliciousness of Victory Cage Radler.

Note: Wicked Weed is a member of The High End, owned by Anheuser-Busch.