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According to the Pew Research Center, 5% of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship met their significant other online. (The other 95% met in a brewery...right?) But whatever your relationship status may be, you probably know that one of the biggest dating websites on the planet is OkCupid, which is responsible for many of those internet-inspired courtships. So we thought it’d be worthwhile to hook up with the company (pun intended) to see what we could learn about beer lovers who are looking for romance.

Beer snobs love the Pacific Northwest

Melissa Hobley, OkCupid's CMO, told us that most single beer snobs are concentrated in Seattle and Portland (shocker!). Cities like New York, L.A., Chicago, and London might have more beer snobs total, but Seattle and Portland have higher percentages per capita (respectively, 20% and 18% of single men in those cities identify as a beer snob, compared to 12% in NYC). So anyone looking to date a beer snob should book a flight to Oregon or Washington post haste. (We’d guess this is also true for anyone looking for a partner who composts and has a side business on Etsy.)

The above statistics make total sense to us: after all, Portland and Seattle are homes to some of the best beer in the world, so why wouldn’t the people who live there geek out about it more than in other cities?
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Men are snobbier

When OkCupid examined the age and gender breakdown of beer snobs, they found that the majority of self-identifying beer snobs are men in their 40s. (Umm, I’m an unmarried 37-year-old male beer snob, sooo... you’re three years off, OkCupid -- try harder!)

More beer snobs are looking for sex, not love, compared to non-beer snobs.

OkCupid isn’t afraid to dig deep into its data for hot, sweaty statistics about sex. And what they found is a little surprising: “people who don’t consider themselves beer snobs are looking more for love than sex.” Does that mean beer snobs are looking for sex over love? It makes sense when you consider that beer snobs can be promiscuous: they never like to drink the same beer twice. Especially if they’re Untappd users. Always chasing those badges...

Looking a little closer at the statistics, OkCupid says that while 75% of non-beer snobs are looking for love, only 67% of beer snobs are looking for the same. So basically, that 8% difference is what unfairly makes all beer snobs look like sex-crazed lotharios. But the truth is, the majority of beer snobs still want to sit on their couch and drink IPAs with a special someone for the rest of eternity.

Men are more into beer than women

Lots of women love beer -- and some are even making their mark on the industry (see: Meg Gill, Pink Boots Society, Whitney Burnside, to name a few). But OkCupid tells us that “more men than women cite beer as an interest.” Could this be because all of the women who love beer are already in relationships, or just not interested in dating? Think about it.

We also found it interesting that 72% of men say they like the taste of beer versus only 60% of women. We’re hoping that those 40% of women who don’t enjoy the flavors blossoming forth from the greatest-beverage-ever-created-by-humankind simply just haven’t met the right beer yet.

And hey, we wish all you single men and women out there the best of luck in finding someone special. But if you don’t, beer ain’t a bad lifelong companion either.

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