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The Atlantic Ocean is filled with some of the best seafood in the U.S. The states bordering the Atlantic are filled with some of the best beer in the U.S. And when you put these valuable edible commodities together? You’ve got yourself one damned good summer.

So in the interest of making this season way more delicious, we’ve asked brewery representatives from eight states that border the Atlantic to pair their favorite beers with classic seafood dishes. Let’s raise a glass and lobster roll to summer with the selections (from north to south) below!

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Beer: Geaghan Bros Brewing Presque Isle Honey Blonde Ale (Bangor, ME)
Seafood: Maine Crab Roll
“Our Presque Isle Honey Blonde Ale and a fresh Maine Crab Roll are a great combination for a summer day. While this unique, light, crisp brew also pairs well with the more commonly sought after Maine Lobster Roll, the subtle sweetness from the all-Maine honey in the beer matches the gentle sweetness of fresh crab, for a truly Maine experience.” -- Lisa Sturgeon, Communications & Resource Manager


Beer: Castle Island Brewing Co. Jetty (Norwood, MA)
Seafood: Cold Lobster Roll
“When it comes to seafood and beer, my go-to combo has to be Jetty, our dry-hopped sour ale, paired with a classic cold lobster roll. Jetty is light and crisp, with a crackery malt backbone and big lemony nose thanks to generous doses of Citra and coriander. The bright citrus flavors beautifully complement the buttery-but-delicate lobster, and the mild lactobacillus tang cuts right through the mayonnaise. The beer’s essentially engineered for the beach, and with lobster rolls being a go-to during summer in New England, the matchup is a no-brainer.” -- Adam Romanow, Founder

Rhode Island

Beer: Narragansett Brewing Company Lager (Providence, RI)
Seafood: Clambake
“It’s not a New England summer without a clambake, and it doesn’t get any better than [pairing one] with our traditional ‘Gansett lager. The beer’s classic blend has flavors that pop and complement the clams in a way that leaves you coming back for more. We didn’t proclaim ourselves the Official Beer of the Clam for nothing!” -- Mark Hellendrung, Owner credits:"gansettbeer / Instagram" width:800 align:center


Beer: Stony Creek Brewery La Garza (Branford, CT)
Seafood: Lobster Roll
“In Connecticut, a lobster roll is served warm with only freshly picked tail and claw meat, real butter, and a sprinkle of lemon juice on a toasted sub roll. Nothing but the taste of pure, fresh lobster meat, a hint of lemon, and warm butter. We prefer ours from The Lobster Shack in Branford.

“We like to pair it with La Garza, our authentic Baja, California, Mexicali lager: crystal clear, and imminently crushable for a Baja-worthy outing. Brewed with flaked maize for an exceptionally smooth body, we bring the beer to life with bright, citrusy late-hop additions for a crisp mouthfeel with subtle lime and melon undertones. The smooth body and exceptionally clean flavor of this beer allow the luscious, fresh lobster meat to shine though. The citrusy finish of La Garza perfectly accentuates the fresh lemon squeezed over the lobster meat. The combo reminds us of days with friends at the beach, cold beers in hand, and lobster tails on the grill!” -- Andy Schwartz, Brewmaster

New York

Beer: Blue Point Brewing Company Toasted Lager (Patchogue, NY)
Seafood: Oysters on the Half Shell
“Toasted Lager is an American amber lager and our flagship brew. Sessionable yet complex, Toasted Lager is brewed with six specialty malts for a subtle caramel and nutty flavor. A clean crispness at the end of the sip from a blend of spicy American hops makes Toasted Lager a go-to beer for any summer occasion. The beer pairs perfectly with oysters on the half shell, both complementing and enhancing their delicate and subtle nature. Toasted Lager’s biscuit backbone complements the natural sweetness of the oyster meat, while the earthy and citrusy hops cut through the brine of the oyster liquor.” -- Dan Jansen, Brewmaster

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New Jersey

Beer: Cape May Brewing Co. Cape May IPA (Cape May, NJ)
Seafood: Seafood Boil
“Hops and spice are oh, so nice! You'll want to pair a delicious seafood boil with this IPA. Fill your pot with about two inches of Cape May IPA, some Old Bay, and cayenne pepper to taste. Then toss in your favorite seafood, like lobster, crabs, clams, and mussels along with some fresh Jersey corn, potatoes, and a few sliced lemons. Steam it for 25 minutes and serve it up with the IPA. This light seafood boil pairs beautifully with CMBC's crisp, flagship brew -- the boil's spiciness balances beautifully with the beer’s hops.” -- JP Thomas, Culinary Special Ops

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Beer: Greenspring Brewing Company Honey Wheat (Chesapeake Beach, MD)
Seafood: Maryland Blue Crab
“One of my friends told me he was having a crab picking party, so I developed a beer specifically for that. It’s a summer lager, so it’s on the light side, and it’s got a touch of honey. My philosophy is that you shouldn’t put out a glass of beer and tell people, ‘If you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you.’ When you go to a lot of crab picking parties, people are drinking [light lagers] because it’s hot! I [tried to give] people a flavorful alternative to the light lagers they love.” -- Joe Puttlitz, Owner


Beer: Devils Backbone Brewing Company Striped Bass Pale Ale (Roseland, VA)
Seafood: Spicy tempura-coated soft shell crabs with a chili lime remoulade
“I chose the Striped Bass Pale Ale for many reasons: it’s an incredible seafood-pairing beer, it’s a true all-day drinker, and every can helps support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It’s also a somewhat seasonal beer, and everyone knows the best time to cook seafood is on hot summer days, [when] you want nothing more than a beer you can drink for hours like Striped Bass!

“This particular pairing really highlights everything I love about beer and food. You have the complementary flavors of light seafood coming together with the malty-crispness of the ale. But you also have the spiciness of the tempura batter and chili lime remoulade paired with the wonderful sharpness of the German and American hops; those hops soothe the spiciness while helping to cleanse your palate of all the butter used to fry the crabs. This is making my mouth water just telling you about it…” -- Josh French, Senior Brewer

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Note: Blue Point Brewing Company and Devils Backbone Brewing Company are members of The High End, owned by Anheuser-Busch.