Kati Lacker

For many beer drinkers, any glass growler purchased from a brewery works just fine. Though standard, nondescript, and perhaps even kinda boring, it holds the beer and fits in the fridge -- and that's enough.

But as craft beer culture has evolved, so too has the humble growler. Now, there’s a perfect growler for every kind of beer drinker -- even the highly specific types listed below.

Which of the following sounds like you?

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The Home-Bar Perfectionist

Your growler: uKeg ($199)
Sure, friends who initially observe this steampunk-looking, CO2-powered, pressure-controlled beauty from GrowlerWerks might initially ask you the whereabouts of Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregard. But they’ll soon be bowled over by a growler pour from the uKeg that tastes exactly like it did out of the tap for up to two weeks. And since it only holds 128 ounces (about 10 beers), it's the steampunk kegerator for anyone with a fear of commitment.

The Craft-Beer Camper

Your growler: ManCan ($70 and up)
credits:"[ManCan](https://www.mancan.beer/buy-mancan/grab-n-go-growler)" align:right width:250 Most campers will attest that lugging a few dozens of bottles into the woods leads to a campground known as "the chiropractor’s office." The ManCan helps alleviate that issue as a hybrid keg/growler designed to be strapped to your back for long hikes. There’re also accessories that let you switch it from a standard (though it’s on the large side) growler to a mini keg, just in case you feel like rocking a keg stand with Sasquatch. We hear ‘squatch has been known to crush a Yeti or two.

The Extremely Thirsty Wanderer

Your growler: DrinkTank ($114 and up)
For the craft beer lover who plans to spend a long time wandering around drinking cold beer, sometimes a mere 64 ounce growler won’t do. Lucky for that person, there’s the glorious DrinkTank, a durable, insulated, vacuum-sealed growler that’s essentially the world’s biggest Thermos -- provided your Thermos is designed to hold 128 ounces and withstand all the abuse you can heap on it while dropping it on rugged hiking trails. You can add accessories to achieve an easy keg-style pour, and the insulation makes it ideal for hot liquids too. (Though it’d probably be weird to pour minestrone from a keg tap. Weird, but just as delicious…?)
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The Bespoke Modernist

Your growler: German Steins ($34.95)
When not filled with a recently poured Kolsch-style lager to remind you of your days studying abroad in Munchen -- not Munich! -- this old-school swing-top German-style growler from German Steins will sit prominently displayed on your bookshelf. People often mistake it for some sort of colonial lantern, but you know better. After all, you’ve been Oktoberfest. It was in Duluth, but still -- it counts!

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The Art Collector

Your growler: Portland Growler Co. ($149)
Some may argue that label designs from brewery-purchased growlers are art unto themselves. “Plebians,” say you, as you pour a rare stout from one of these fetching, ceramic, hand-made beauties that come, of course, from Portland Growler Co. Joking aside, they’re truly magnificent one-of-a kind pieces, and look equally great sitting in the fridge as they do on a windowsill holding a flower, making them one of the only growlers that can legitimately be passed off as a vase when your concerned mother visits.

The Clumsy Adventurer

Your growler: Fifty/Fifty River Growler ($13.99)
Look, we wouldn’t generally recommend putting beer near any plastic whatsoever. And Fifty/Fifty makes a ton of great metal growlers that you should absolutely check out. But some drinkers have a difficult time carrying a pint from the bar to their seat, let alone a glass jug on a trail; the world has lost far too many 64-ounce pours due to some dope dropping a growler. And for that clumsy bastard, well, at least there’s an option in the form of the thick plastic Fifty/Fifty River Growler. Oh, and it’s also ideal to take on tubing trips down the river -- in case you’re in denial about the fact that you’re actually buying it because you’re a klutz.


The Minimalist

Your growler: Grizzly growler ($41.24)
Some people are okay with a ton of mismatched glassware cluttering a kitchen. Others, however, prefer things sleek, clean, and modern with a little hint of retro design. For the latter group, Kegco’s double-insulated Grizzly growler is the beer-filled anwer. The stainless steel beauty is available in multiple colors, including glistening, minimalist silver, which looks like something a milkman would deliver in an advanced, utopian society. It’s durable, effective, sleek, and matches everything. Even the Cuisinart.

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Jack Sparrow

Your growler: Terracotta Republic’s Cannonball Growler ($69)
For some, every day is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Johnny Depp never actually starred in Yoga Hosers. (But seriously, he did.) For those people who haven’t gotten beyond 2001, there’s Terra-cotta Republic’s Cannonball Growler, a beautifully crafted piece of stoneware designed to look like a Colonial-era instrument of death. It’s a gorgeously conceived novelty, even if it looks better suited for rum and sea shanties than stouts and bluegrass.

The Fanboy

Your growler: Every growler ever
Look, you don’t need to grab a branded glass growler from every single brewery you visit -- but what happens if you finally return to that cute little operation hidden in the Ozarks and all you have on you is a growler from a place in the San Juan islands?! Sure, they’ll fill it, but what will they think?? And what of the visitors to your home who notice you don't have a growler from every brewery you've ever stopped into??? Okay, technically you do need a growler from every brewery you visit.