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Jordan -- the country, not the Basketball Hall of Famer -- doesn’t have a ton of craft breweries. (For the record, Michael Jordan also does not own many [or any] craft breweries.) In fact, the country only has one: Carakale. But the nation's lack of breweries hasn’t stopped Jordanian Farah Daibes (a.k.a. @travellingbeer on Instagram) from becoming a serious beer fan who takes ridiculously beautiful photos of beer all over the world.
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Welcome back to The Best Beer Photographer in the World Is…, an ongoing look at the greatest beer photography the internet has to offer. In this installment, we focus on Daibes, a communications specialist for an NGO, who says she plans a trip somewhere in the world about every three months. She’s recently visited the gorgeous beaches of Sri Lanka, an enchanting forest in northwestern France, and the modern metropolis of Frankfurt, Germany. “I spend all my money on beer and travel!” she proudly exclaims. Sounds like an amazing lifestyle to us….

Below are some of Daibes’ finest photos -- all of which she took with her phone! Could’ve fooled us.

Why she started taking photos of beer:

“I used to take pictures of traveling -- generally of landscapes, but then the beer stuff came into the picture. It started with a friend of mine who had a food blog; she kept telling me she was getting invitations to restaurants to try new food, and I thought…hmm, what do I like? Beer and travel! So I started taking pictures of that!” credits:"travellingbeer / Instagram" width:800 align:center

Why drinking in Jordan might not be what you think:

“I like the fact that people are surprised that I’m Arab and a woman. There’s stuff to do here! We have DJs coming here from around the world. I’m going out clubbing in a bit! It’s pretty alcohol-friendly.” credits:"travellingbeer / Instagram"

On the beer scene in Jordan:

Amstel is brewed here. We have another brewery called Petra. And we have a few international beers like Corona, Heineken, and Lebanese and Egyptian beers. But lately the beer culture’s been evolving here, and I think soon there’ll be [imports from] Belgium like Leffe, and beers from other countries.”

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Her most dangerous shot:

“I was in Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka, and I asked our safari guide to get us as close as possible to a wild elephant so I could take a good shot. It might not’ve been the best idea because the elephant felt that we were invading his privacy! He got aggressive and started screaming at us. He wasn’t charging, but he showed us he’d attack! Luckily we were able to flee the scene fairly quickly.”

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Why she once brought beer into a hospital in Spain:

“My sister became seriously ill while she was studying in Murcia, Spain. After over a month of being in the hospital, it's fair to say she was feeling down. While visiting her, my mother suggested we get rebellious and sneak in a few beers so we could lift my sister's spirits. We did, and the plan worked perfectly.”

Mars is a place on Earth:

“I believe this is the prettiest landscape photo I’ve ever taken. Wadi Rum in Jordan is one of my all-time favorite destinations, and the closest thing to Mars on Earth.”

credits:"travellingbeer / Instagram"