Julie Roesser / @craftbeerdeer

You’ve probably mindlessly scrolled through Instagram once or twice. (Hell, we thank you for not doing it right this second!) And if you have, you’ve probably noticed that beer photos typically focus on label art, how the beer looks in a glass, or perhaps the beautiful scenery around a special brew. But the one thing beer photos don’t often feature? People drinking. Strangely enough, it’s very uncommon. Which is why we were so psyched to find a beer photographer from Buffalo, New York, who captures her ludicrously photogenic friends drinking beer in some truly amazing shots.

Welcome back to The Best Beer Photographer in the World Is…, an ongoing series in which we feature the incredible photography of some of Instagram’s top beer photogs. This week, we bring you the work of Julie Roesser (@craftbeerdeer), who -- in addition to taking photos of her adorable dog Leeloo -- travels to breweries like Tröegs and Suarez Family Brewery, and makes their gorgeous taprooms look even more gorgeous.

Let’s take a closer look at Roesser and her fine work.

Why she created a beer-themed Instagram:

credits:"[Julie Roesser](http://yahoo.com)" width:450 align:right

“I fell in love with craft beer when my boyfriend worked in the industry. I always took photos and had a camera around my neck, but he pushed me to start an Instagram -- that was completely his idea. I said no for awhile, but then finally I started taking photos of beer. I was sitting on my couch one day and came up with Craft Beer Deer because it rhymed…. That was the start.”

On her dog, Leeloo:

“Leeloo is a Golden Retriever. She’s eight months now, and I try to feature her in a bunch of photos. It takes a lot of work. She’ll go for the beer a few times, but I have to keep distracting her with treats. I keep telling her to sit and stay, and have my camera on a tripod so that I can finally catch a good one. She’s a good girl.”

The problem with pigeons:

“I did some research on Nikola Tesla, and learned that he fell in love with a pigeon. I thought it was so wild, I knew I had to incorporate a pigeon in my photo of Sixpoint Brewery Tesla. I got on my bike and rode around the city until I found a flock of pigeons. I brought some bread crumbs, sprinkled them around the can, and ran back to my camera to wait for one to come around. There were probably 100 pigeons there, but [the one in the photo] was the only one that would get close to the can. After about an hour I finally caught him square behind the can!" credits:"Julie Roesser" width:800 align:center

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Your eyes aren’t tricking you -- her friends are that photogenic:

“I don’t like to be in front of the camera at all, so I like to incorporate friends [in my photos]! I like the idea of showing people drinking; I don’t want [the photo] to just be a beer on a ledge or a counter. Sometimes I’ll set up a tripod and put myself in the distance drinking the beer, but I like to get more of a close-up action shot, so I’ll ask some of my friends to model the beer for me.”

On pancakes as props:

“I made an entire box of pancakes and then sprayed the whole stack with Scotchgard. I ruined them completely because I read that spraying them makes the syrup fall really nicely and not soak into the pancakes. But I got a great shot of the pancakes, so I think that turned out pretty well! The most depressing part of the whole story is that I didn’t even eat a single pancake! I bought a tiny box so I had to use [all of the pancake mix] to get a high enough stack. I was so upset.”

credits:"Julie Roesser"