Cole Ott

Drinking beer alone has its merits: there's a certain Zen in sitting quietly, savoring the flavors, and having an internal dialogue on your own terms. But imbibing is so much more exciting when done socially. Sharing notes, discovering unique characteristics and arguing about style are some of a beer fan's greatest joys.

With that said, finding other likeminded malt maniacs and hopheads is easier said than done in many cities. If you don’t already have a group with which you can share drinking experiences, we’ve collected six tips for finding local fans that share your love of beer, how to run the events, and what to pair with them.

In the video below, I've tapped four Metro Detroit beer experts for their beer tasting group knowledge: Mitchiyoshi “Mitch” Uyeda, a homebrewer and member of Kuhnhenn’s Guild of Brewers (KGB); Gary Marshall, President of the KGB Homebrew Group; Ian Burk, Beer Graphic Designer & Creative Director of Detroit Beer Press; and Courtney Burk, Senior Editor of Detroit Beer Press.

Check it out and share your own tips in the comments at the bottom of the page!