It's natural to daydream about a friendship with the well-developed, relatable hero of a good, immersive movie. But let's be honest: killing henchmen with James Bond or saving the world with an Avenger is most likely pretty exhausting. Sometimes, you just want to drink a good brewski with a movie character.

While cinema is chock full of fabulous models for drinking buddies, not all movie drinkers are created equal. With all due respect to The Dude -- do you really want to listen to him complaining about his rug all night? Do you really want to deal with Mickey Rourke as he's melting down, or listen to the cast of Drinking Buddies whining about their romantic woes? Those are great characters in great movies, but they’re not exactly the ideal company for a night on the town. The characters below, however, are prime for sharing a pitcher.

Bodhi, Point Break (1991)

Sure, Bodhi eventually becomes a murderer, gets his friends killed, and sometimes hangs out near Anthony Kiedis...but that’s in his secret life -- the one we only find out about if we’re an undercover FBI agent with that kamikaze look in our eyes. To everybody else, he’s a guy who likes to do erotic tequila shots with beach babes and drink beers while engaging in impromptu games of beach football, late-night surfing sessions, and the occasional skydiving excursion. Every time you see this dude with a beer in his hand, something awesome immediately happens. And when he doesn’t? Bank robbery. If you find yourself with Bodhi, make sure he’s equipped with a cold one.

Dominic Toretto, The Fast & the Furious series (2001-infinity)

Oh sure, the Deez’s character lives his life a quarter mile at a time, and tends to get involved in submarine chases while grumbling about family or whatever. But when the engines aren’t revving, he immediately produces a cooler of ice-cold Coronas and follows it up with an impromptu BBQ with his crew. That means if you’re drinking buddies with Dom, you probably get to be drinking buddies with Ludacris. That’s a double whammy that makes it worth the risk of getting blown up by international terrorist groups that are mad at former street racers-turned-secret agents. Also, sometimes Kurt Russell stops by with a mini keg of Belgian beer.

Don Dawson, Dazed and Confused (1993)

Most of the guys in the Dazed crew are kind of douchers. Pink never shuts up about signing a stupid piece of paper. Wooderson’s a pervert. Ben Affleck behaves Ben Affleck-y. But the overalls-clad, mop-headed dude Dawson is always just kind of chilling, going on beer runs to fill up his trunk and essentially delivering the party wherever he goes. He is the most inconsequential character in the whole movie, and he’s absolutely a gem. Plus, he looks like he pulls punches with his paddle.

Bob & Doug McKenzie, Strange Brew (1983)

Ever since the guys landed jobs at the Elsinore brewery, they get all the free beer they want -- and who doesn't want two friends with unlimited stashes of suds? They also get free tickets to gladiatorial hockey matches with brainwashed mental patients, own a dog who can clear out a long line at a beer fest, and will very likely cast you in one of their epic dystopian sci-fi movies. Oh, and they practice donut diplomacy. There’s not a single drawback to hanging with these fine paragons of Canadian kindness.

Trent Walker, Swingers (1996)

Sure, he spouts a lot of redundant catch phrases (we get it, Trent -- we're money), but he’s also a guy who switches seamlessly between cocktails and beer, totally rules at NHL ’93, and spends the majority of his breath trying to make his sad sack friend feel better about himself. He exudes an infectious confidence with each sip. He is the ultimate barside hype man. He is the one who is money.

Gaston, Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Oh, sure, Gaston is a prick. But anyone who’s able to transform an old-timer beer hall into a mug-swinging, beer-spraying singalong is worth knowing, and totally earns the right to rock that old-timey deep-V to show off all of that lush chest hair.

Elwood P. Down, Harvey (1950)

Any man whose other drinking buddy is an invisible, 6-foot-tall rabbit is somebody worth knowing, especially when they talk like James Stewart. Is Harvey crazy? Probably. But it’s worth a few rounds to make sure because... what if that rabbit is real?!

Marion Ravenwood, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Marion is resourceful, wily, hilarious, and fully capable of holding her own booze, as evidenced by her ability to consistently drink people twice her size under the table. She’s also really great at punching Nazis and playing hide and seek in public markets, meaning that a night out with her could lead to all kinds of wacky adventures.

Danny Butterman, Hot Fuzz (2007)

After a night of drinking pints at the local pub, all that the gentle, lovable goofball, officer Danny Butterman wants to do is go home, drink more beer, and watch one of the DVDs he bought from the bargain bin at the grocery store. “You haven’t seen Bad Boys 2?” he asks his stick-in-the-mud partner before treating him to a groggy double feature of the Michael Bay film and Point Break. We’ve all known someone exactly like this, and we’ve loved him dearly.

Nick and Nora Charles, The Thin Man series (1934-1947)

The legendary William Powell and Myrna Loy embodied these murder mystery-solving lushes in five classic movies, and if you can find a scene in which they don’t have a drink in hand, you’re eagle-eyed. They patter like sharp-dressed Gilmore Girls throughout, and though it’s not much fun to play third wheel to a married couple stumbling through witty banter and life-and-death situations, these two are also endlessly sharp, sure to help you hone your conversational skills during a (lifelong, apparently) bender.

Bluto, Animal House (1978)

Yeah, Bluto is more of a whiskey guy, but that's not to say that The Greatest Movie Party Animal in Modern Cinema History doesn't crush a few brews, too. Just keep him away from the mashed potatoes. And, you know, sharp objects, motor vehicles, and your daughter.