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Doughnuts and beer aren’t a hard sell. In fact, if anyone you know passes up an invitation to a beer and doughnuts party, you should remove them from all future invites, and reconsider whether they’re worthy of your friendship. These two well-loved favorites go so well together it’s a shock that more doughnut shops don’t serve beer...and more breweries don’t serve doughnuts.

Let’s all take a second to agree that we need to put some effort towards resolving this injustice. For my part, I’ll start you off with four sure-bet beer and doughnut pairings. The rest is up to you.

Blonde Ale and Classic Glazed

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Here are two timeless offerings that play beautifully together. The sugar glaze brings out a bit more malt character in the beer, while the carbonation in the blonde ale will help cleanse your palate and ready you for another bite. These work well together because of the pleasantly mild flavors. But I’d avoid pairing either the beer or the doughnut with bolder items -- they could bulldoze the more subtle notes of each.
Recommended beer: MadTree Brewing Sol Drifter, Harpoon Sweet Spot

Hefeweizen and Powdered Sugar Cake Doughnuts

The dose of wheat in this beer will bring out the beautifully bready notes in the cake doughnut, while the carbonation in the Hefeweizen lends a lightness to a rather dense beer for a balanced experience. Want to try something different? An orange-infused cake doughnut will also play beautifully with a nice wheaty Hefe.
Recommended beer: Widmer Brewing Hefe, Dry Dock Brewing Co. Wheat Beer

IPA and Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnut

An IPA needs a doughnut with a punchy backbone to stand up to its bold flavors. The tang of sour cream in an Old Fashioned pings nicely off the hops typically present in a higher-IBU IPA. (Try to say “higher IBU IPA” five times fast.) The doughnut also provides a sweetness to bring out the malt lingering in the background of this hoppy beer.
Recommended beer: Oskar Blues Brewery Fugli, Breakside Brewery IPA credits:"Jackie Dodd" width:800 align:center

Gose and Lemon Filled

Goses and citrus play well together; the familiar smack of lemon is complemented nicely by the brightness of the sour ale. This is a tricky beer to pair with a super sweet treat, so we’d recommend sticking to something light; ideally with a dose of citrus fruit. The salt notes in a gose pump up the flavors in the lemon doughnut and bring out the brighter elements of the filling. The doughnut should also bring out a bit more sweetness in a dryer sour ale.
Recommended beer: Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose

credits:"Jackie Dodd"

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