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Q. If you buy a bunch of awesome beer and no one sees your #beerhaul, did you even buy any beer?

A. Hell no, you didn’t!

These days, one of the most important parts of the beer drinking experience seems to be the act of making everyone jealous that you’re drinking something special. And people are taking to Instagram to show off their new beer purchases with #beerhaul.

Below are 7 of our favorite photos from the past month, along with some info on the featured beers -- just in case you might want to cop those brews yourself!

1) Hoof It to Hoof Hearted

A post shared by CPHasHops (@cphashops) on

Featured beer(s): Hoof Hearted Roller Blabe + Who’d Like To Hold My Clipboard?

What you should know about it: Instagrammer CPHasHops is an Indiana-based homebrewer, craft beer lover, and huge fan of Marengo, Ohio’s Hoof Hearted Brewing. We don't blame him. We're loving every bit of the weirdness coming out of Marengo -- whether the goofily illustrated cans, the beer names, or the actual liquid. Roller Blabe is a DIPA, and Clipboard is a DIPA with pink guava, lactose, and vanilla. Yes, please.

2) French Fried Potaters

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Featured beer(s): Tree House Brewing Haze + Other Half Brewing Taters + Other Half Fully Loaded Baked Potato + Other Half Twice Baked Potato

What you should know about it: You might see a trend in @xibalba85’s latest haul: lots of potato-based beers from Brooklyn, NY’s beloved brewery Other Half. Twice Baked and Taters are collabs with LA’s Monkish, and Fully Loaded is made with Monkish and MA’s Trillium Brewing Co. All of the beers are dry hopped a couple of times, and should be drunk as fresh as possible. Same goes for the Haze -- a beer that should be the dictionary's definition for “New England Style-IPA.”

3) It's Always Stout Season at Prairie

Featured beer(s): Belching Beaver Brewery Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout + Fish Brewing Company Reel Ales Chocolate Imperial Stout + Reel Ales Belgian Quad + Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise

What you should know about it: If you think that just because it's 90 degrees and humid outside that you can't drink huge stouts, @sixfeetofdynamite would like to disagree. The standout here is Prairie's incredible coconut and vanilla imperial stout. It'll make any sweaty, disgusting summer day feel like paradise.

4) Grimm and Barrier Are "Power"ful Together

Featured beer(s): Grimm Artisanal Ales / Barrier Brewing Co. Power Source + Barrier Groove Angle

What you should know about it: These breweries teamed up for an odd, unfortunate reason: the company that had been in the process of building their brewing equipment went under. This beer, however, will hopefully generate some income to help them both build their breweries. Considering people are going nuts for Groove Angle -- a kiwi-tinged IPA -- and Power Source -- bursting with mangoes and mosaic hops, we bet they'll be up and running in no time. @Couple_Cold-Ones surely thinks so, too.

5) Jack's Abby Goes on Holiday

Featured beer(s): Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Hoponius on Holiday + Springdale Good N' You IPA

What you should know about it: If you've visited us at The Beer Necessities before, you might already know the lowdown on Jack's Abby. The Instagrammer @raisingthebarstool certainly does, since he made two excellent beer picks: a take on the brewery's beloved Hoponius Union (but dry-hopped and flavored with passion fruit, mango, guava, cantaloupe, and pineapple) and a hazy, New England-style IPA called Good N' You.

6) Take a Spanish Beer Vacation

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Featured beer(s): Califa IPA + Califa Rubia + Califa Morena

What you should know about it: Since #beerhauls is pretty heavy on East Coast breweries, we thought we'd go even farther east with a peek at @sirebeeralot's 'gram of three beers from Andalusia, Spain's Califa brewery (no relation to Wiz). The IPA was his favorite. (BRB, going to Spain real quick to verify.)

7) When in Doubt, Buy All the Beer

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Featured beer(s): All the beer Other Half has ever brewed in the history of its existence

What you should know about it: Mr. @johnnynj1323 must have pulled up to Other Half with a U-Haul, because we don't have words for this. So we're just gonna end the story here.